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Why are people joining the ranks of smart living?

How could you benefit from investing in smart tech at home?

Joining the ranks of smart living: There is no doubt that smart technology has been rapidly increasing in popularity as the engineers of all things smart churn out the latest in convenience and automation.

Smart things are helping us to become fitter, better protected, better connected, more energy efficient, more secure and completely entertained. From off-the-shelf basic devices to complete turnkey smart home solutions like those provided by Imperium, everyone can benefit from smart tech.

So what are the reasons for buying smart home devices?

According to a 2020 survey of 1,500 smart home device owners*, 72% cited a more convenient living experience as their reason for investing in smart home tech. Naturally, the mission brief for all such devices prioritises convenience, otherwise they would fail at the first fundamental hurdle.

As with everything, there are varying degrees of perceived convenience: it’s convenient to hear the weather forecast after a single voice command, and it’s a novelty to puppeteer the playlist as each new song springs to your mind, but a convenient living experience can be so much more than that.

Of the 1,080 survey participants who invested in smart home devices for reasons of improved convenience, it is undetermined how many of them are experiencing true lifestyle convenience.

Why settle for “Alexa, set my morning alarm”? Wouldn’t you rather say “Goodnight” and have your wake-up call set, your blinds closed, your ground floor security alarm activated and your lights dimmed to their lowest setting while the boiler turns itself to eco-mode and your chillout playlist fades to silent…?

smart home device

The second most cited reason for wanting smart home technology is wanting to be more energy efficient. While that topic deserves the attention of an entire article, it is worth mentioning that a smart home setup connecting your lighting, heating, ventilation and power can have an impressive impact on improving energy efficiency (Find out more).

Around a quarter of survey participants say they want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, stating that they ‘like being an early adopter of new technology’ and a similar portion gave ‘wanting to have a true smart home’ as their reason for investing in smart tech.

I don’t have any smart devices, am I missing out?

While smart technology in general may not be for everyone, seamlessly integrated smart home solutions can only bring benefits. A McKinsey study found that, of 2,000 households*, those who don’t utilise smart devices are otherwise lacking the available conveniences that come with a smart home.

Just over half of those surveyed reported accidentally leaving lights on at home, 41% unintentionally left on their TV/other electronic appliances, and 35% admit to leaving the air conditioning running unnecessarily.

The above mentioned disadvantages of a lesser connected home are problems of the past with the installation of purpose-designed smart solutions. When you can program all areas of your home to fit your exact requirements, adapting to climate, mood, time and needs, your life becomes intrinsically more convenient.

Approximately one third of those questioned confessed to wondering what’s happening at home in their absence, and 31% stated they frequently can’t remember if they locked doors or windows in their home after heading out.

Security is a primary concern for many homeowners; it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to smart technology to find the peace of mind they need when out and about. With easy access from your smart device, smart home dwellers can enjoy security alerts, remote locking, doorbell cameras and keyless entry.

This article started by asking the question ‘why are people joining the ranks of smart living?’ but the more appropriate heading would be ‘why would you not join the ranks of smart living

* studies based in the US

Imperium is an integrated smart technology provider that is leading the charge when it comes to integrated smart technology solutions for your home.

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